Product Design and Development

Everything we design challenges the status quo. We believe in thinking differently and seeing opportunity. We do this by designing beautiful products that are easy to use and understand.   Your product is an expression of your company.  It tells your customers why you exist.  We believe in finding that unique spirit in every product and giving it form.

Do you want your product to stand out and tell your customers why you are in business?  You can ask us for an initial product review by clicking here.

Trakker design is a full service Product Design firm founded in 1988 by Matt Fisher. Trakker has serviced a diverse client list including Volvo, 3m, Ford, Home Depot, Brookstone, Best Buy, Lowes, and Nortel Networks. Trakker has excelled at innovative meaningful designs that are producible and profitable.  Both form and function are the concern of Trakker Design.

The design of your product is essential to success.  The look and feel - what we call "curb appeal" sells your product before your customer even realizes what is happening.  This "first impression science" is where industrial design begins.  Form and function extend beyond this point and the design has to remain coherent and engaging throughout  the users experience. 

Trakker has extensive resources to get the job done - from prototyping to liaison with over-seas manufacturing. Services include Concept development, Industrial Design, Design for Manufacturing, Packaging and collateral material design.