Design Process

we divide the design process into two basic phases...

Phase 1.0 Conceptual Design 
1.1 Research 
ID System Function, other products in the market space
Market Space - review of other systems in the target market space
Survey of ergonomic, aesthetic, and operational considerations
Deliverable: Research.ppt doc

1.2 Concept Generation
Sketch Development of 3 concepts for product 
Sketch Development of details 
Review: Concept Review Select desired direction for Phase
Deliverable: 3 Concepts rendered

2.0 Design Development and Layout 
2.1 3D Form development
3D modeling of ID elements
Color and Graphics studies

2.2 3D Development of Product Function
3D modeling of mechanical elements
motion and function studies
Review: Concept Review - feedback on 2.1-2 

2.3 Design Development 
ID Elements refinement for mfg-ability and inputs from 2.1 and 2.2 review 
Review: Concept Review - feedback on 2.3 
Deliverable: Level 2 CAD Model [Solidworks]

3.0 Production Design of Parts and Assemblies
3.1 Part Design
3.2 Assembly Design
3.3 Packaging Design
3.4 Design Documentation
Deliverable: Level 3 CAD Model [Solidworks]